TSI Argonauts: Benefits for Leading the Way

If your passion for making seasteading happen goes well above and beyond the call of duty, then consider joining the ranks of the Argonauts. Argonauts demonstrate their commitment to the seasteading dream by pledging $1000 a year for ten years. And we have now made it possible to receive the benefits of being an Argonaut for a full 10 years by pledging either $5000 over 2 years, or $10,000 all at once.

This year, contributions at the Argonaut level go even farther to achieving the seasteading dream. Thanks to a matching grant provided by The Thiel Foundation, your tax-deductible donation to The Seasteading Institute will be doubled by The Thiel Foundation.

As an Argonaut, your donation this year — whether it be $1000, $5000, or $10,000 — will go a long way to helping us achieve some very specific goals. Take a look at what your donation can really do:

$2000 Provided a prize pool for the Seasteading Design Contest of 2009, inspiring imagery that continues to intrigue press and readers alike.
$5000 Funded the Ephemerisle 2009 Grant Program, which brought a huge diversity of innovation and artistic expression to our first Ephemerisle event.
$10,000 Provided the resources necessary to produce an engineering white paper that significantly advances our progress in seastead research, including monthly stipend for an engineering intern.
$40,000 Funding needed for oceanographic location surveys — professional evaluations of a few potential locations to determine real viability for seastead deployment
$140,000 Funding needed for professional engineering design — determining the best structural model for a working deep-sea seastead (see previous research leading to Clubstead design)

The Argonauts have always enjoyed the widest array of benefits. As leaders in the TSI membership community, Argonauts receive free tickets to the annual Members Dinner, and their access to our conferences and other events is not only guaranteed, but comes with VIP status.

Now, there is a new reward for pledging at the Argonaut level. We are now sending first invitations to Ephemerisle (our annual floating festival) to the Argonauts and holding a special VIP gathering at the festival just for them. Ticket availability is extremely limited this year, and while these invitations still require the purchase of a regular ticket, the Argonauts will receive first chances at extending their invitations to guests as well as securing the even more limited houseboats.

Don’t forget: The Thiel Foundation’s matching grant offer to The Seasteading Institute expires July 31st!

This year, make your charitable contributions early. Join the Argonauts today and have your gift doubled by a generous donation from the Thiel Foundation. By participating in your employers’ matching gift program, your gift will then be quadrupled (in conjunction with the Thiel Foundation match).

Thank you for helping make the seasteading dream a reality!


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