A letter from the Future of Free Cities conference to its speakers and attendees

Below is a letter from the coordinator of the Future of Free Cities conference. The Seasteading Institute Executive Director Patri Friedman collaborated on the conference and gave a presentation there on April 4, 2011.

To all speakers and participants of the Future of Free Cities conference, Roatán, Honduras, April 3-5, 2011

The standard of excellence of the speakers and participants at the Future of Free Cities conference helped to make this event a success. In other words, thanks to each and every one of you for a productive conference. This is just the tip of the iceberg for a promising future of a powerful idea that can expand individual liberty in concrete ways. We are already brainstorming what the next conference will look like, one in which we will come together to put on the table what we have been doing to make the free city dream a reality, from launching free city incubators to supporting existing model cities to establishing a free city based on our own ideals.

All of the videos from the conference will be available on the website soon. The videos of three presentations—Michael Strong, Patri Friedman, and Fred Kofman—are available now. (I would like to apologize to Michael Strong for the audio problems during his presentation; the sound is loud and clear in the video.) You can access the Power Point slides alongside the videos.

We will also be posting papers, photos and other items of interest about free cities and the conference in Roatán on the website freecity.ufm.edu.

Special thanks to Christiane Schneider for her seamless moderation of the afternoon workshop. Finally, I would like to thank Jessica Paduán and all of the UFM staff that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this event run smoothly.




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