The Ultimate Seasteading Podcast

“I fell in love immediately.”

Talking to the incomparable David Frizzell, Leadership Consultant and host of the Team Guru Podcast, reminded me of how I felt when I first grokked the possibilities of seasteading

“It blew the top of my head off,” said David. “And I said I want to be a part of that.”

That’s exactly how I felt six years ago. Its gratifying to get into that zone again with someone fresh to the ideas and realize how much progress we’ve made since I first heard about it.

Click below to listen to our inspired conversation.


Even if you or your friends don’t have time to listen, you can scroll down and read David’s bullet-pointed list of “Lessons Learned” and seasteading “Basics.”

That’s about the most concise sum-up I’ve seen for anyone new to the idea.