The Seasteading Institute Announces Membership Program; Annual Report

April 15th, 2009 – Palo Alto, CA — The Seasteading Institute Announces Membership Program; Annual Report

The Seasteading Institute announced its new membership program today, inviting enthusiasts to become a part of the growing global seasteading movement. The program, which includes four membership levels and a special ten-year pledge membership, will allow the community to share in the ownership of seasteading’s future. The program is being announced as part of The Institute’s first anniversary celebration, in conjunction with their 2008 Annual Report.

As a non-profit organization, The Seasteading Institute relies on the donations of supporters to meet its goals. Beyond simply writing a check in support of TSI’s activities, members become part of the organization. In order to support donor involvement and transparency, members are invited to participate in special events such as the annual open board meeting where they can discuss future strategy, as well as ask questions of the board and staff.

The membership levels are structured in order to make options available to everyone from students to CEOs. Each level comes with its own membership benefits, from invitations to events to TSI keepsakes. Their are four basic membership levels, and a special pledge level. The basic membership levels are:

* Seahorse - $25 annually
* Jellyfish - $100 annually
* Octopus - $240 annually or $20 per month
* Dolphin - $600 annually or $50 per month

Because seasteading is a long-term project (TSI’s timeline aims for 100,000 seasteaders in 25 years), the program includes a special pledge membership for those pioneers who wish to make a long term commitment to the future of seasteading. The Argonauts – named for the ancient Greek heroes who explored the seas – pledge $1000 a year for ten years towards making seasteading a reality. The Argonauts will make up the backbone of The Seasteading Institute’s support, allowing the organization to continue to grow.

The 2008 Annual Report, made available to members and the public at large, outlines the financial status of the organization and provides valuable insight into the current efforts and future plans of The Seasteading Institute. It is also an opportunity for TSI to thank the donors, volunteers and community members who have supported their efforts over the past year. The Institute hopes to draw even more supporters and is eager to welcome new members at every level.

“Seasteading is a social movement at a massive scale – we’re going to settle a new frontier, and create entire countries in the process,” says Executive Director, Patri Friedman. “Such a great challenge requires an entire community dedicated to the cause. By joining The Seasteading Institute, you will take your place among our community of 21st century pioneers.”

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About TSI: The Seasteading Institute is a California nonprofit corporation that is in the process of applying for recognition of tax exemption under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. TSI’s mission is to establish permanent, autonomous ocean communities to enable experimentation and innovation with diverse social, political, and legal systems.


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  1. I am interested in joining at the Dolphin memebership level, I am going to talk this over with my other half and make sure we’re both on the same page.  I think there is great potential here and am excited to see things unfold over time.

  2. This is embarrassing. “City floating on the sea could be just 3 years away… Cermelli, who is part of a team of designers creating a blueprint for the first seastead, said it’s unclear if construction is possible — or what it would cost. Still, a prototype for the idea may be finished in as little as three years, he said.” In other words, “It could be real within three years, but we have so little idea of what we’re doing, we have no idea how.” By the same token you could say you “could” have flying cities in three years.

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