Samuele Landi, a middle-aged man smiles while sitting at the edge of his barge next to a shipping container, the ocean waves behind him.

Secret Seastead Ends in Death

Samuele Landi lived in international waters for over a year. A storm ended in three deaths. What does this mean for seasteading?

Extreme Skating on Sealand


Via Sean Hastings:

THE world of extreme sports regularly sees its top athletes travel to some of the most unusual or exotic locations in order to carry out death-defying feats.

But never before have a group of international star skateboarders taken to the high seas as they did recently off the Essex coast.

The daredevils descended on the controversial “micronation” of Sealand, a former wartime fortress located six miles off Harwich. 

After being winched onto the weather-beaten outpost, the skaters performed a series of stunts that took them to the very edge of the platform, more than 100ft up in the air.

The article includes a video of the event.