Recap of Last Night’s Bay Area Seasteading Meetup

Last night, another lively seasteading event was held at The Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub and Restaurant, located just a quick walk from the Millbrae BART/CalTrain station. Eating, drinking, socializing and seasteading-related discussion are staples at every meetup, but each one is made unique by the formal and informal presentation topics and, of course, the people in attendance.

The Seasteading Institute May 2010 Newsletter

The Seasteading Institute May 2010 Newsletter

“Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” — Chinese proverb

Table of Contents

  • Highlights
    • Jim Von Ehr Donates $100,000 to The Seasteading Institute
    • Ephemerisle 2010: Making Headway
    • Seasteading Conference on a Cruise!

Pioneering Undersea Life in Legoland?

From the boy-in-a-bubble dept…

Australian scientist and undersea adventurer Lloyd Godson has for the past 10 days lived entirely underwater in a tiny house inside the Legoland Atlantis by Sea Life aquarium in Germany. Armed with a bicycle-powered generator, Lloyd declared on his LegoLand blog: