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[From the desk of Joe Quirk]

I want to give you a free pass to an on-line event that offers a sneak preview of the seasteading book – and could also help us earn some funds.

I was first captivated by seasteading for its potential to unleash political startups on a mass scale, but when I met the entrepreneurs who plan to scale up the technologies for food and energy, I knew most environmentalists would find their solutions astonishing …

… if they could only hear about it.

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Well, starting January 16, environmentally concerned people around the world will be introduced to seasteading. The virtual Sustainability Summit assembles 24 top luminaries in the sustainability movement for a 7-day online event. The organizers saw my 8 Great Moral Imperatives of Seasteading video series and invited me to elaborate on what they considered extraordinary claims.

Host Alan James, who is usually quite the witty raconteur, allowed me to talk at length about the entreprenurs who plan to show the world how to think beyond sustainability – and beyond politics itself.

I succeeded in blowing Alan’s mind. You’ll notice several times when I stop talking, he catches his breath for a moment, and then says, “Wow.”

Will the audience that pays to participate in the Sustainability Summit be as enthralled? Share this with your environmentally passionate friends and let me know.

The Summit offered us a profit-sharing deal – 50% on all purchases of their on-line event from links that come from us. Spread the news to your friends and help the Institute bring in some money!

The best part about all of this is the event is FREE for seasteaders to attend when you claim your pass.

You must reserve your seat, even though attendance is digital, and they will send you a friendly reminder as the launch date approaches. Their web site explains:

Everyone who claims a FREE Instant Access Pass above will have approximately 12 hours to access the day’s content before it’s taken down and replaced with the following day’s talks … After you register, you’ll be offered the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Pass which will allow you to access the entire summit and bonuses whenever you want, wherever you want, 24 hours a day even after the summit has ended.

Let’s expand our movement,

Joe Quirk Seavangelist

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