Snippets through 5/28/2008

Sorry this is late, I’ve been sick since Friday, and a bit overwhelmed with the email deluge resulting from our big media week last week.  Plus Monday was a holiday, so Friday will be my seasteading day this week.  But I wanted to get this email out because there’s lots in it and will be lots more on Monday, I expect.


3 thoughts on “Snippets through 5/28/2008”

  1. Congrats on the all the recent publicity!  It’s quite exciting to see the idea get such widespread attention.  Any idea when the CBC interview will appear on the  web?

  2. $337/sqft sounds low, but I have limited intuition on something like this.  Commercial buildings in rural AK are running in the range of $300-500/SF right now, but figure on something around $1/lb shipping, and the costs out there are extreme in every way ($8+/gal, diesel).

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