Snippets, 7/7/2008

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    • We should be starting conceptual design with our consultants next week.
    • Wayne has finished an Aquariumstead model using a pool noodle for the spar.  Still working on DIY instructions / kits.
    • We are going to hold off on Poolstead until we know what design we are going to use, since that is still very much up in the air.
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2 thoughts on “Snippets, 7/7/2008”

  1. Yes, we are familiar with Patrick’s work. He is reference in “the book” .

    Buckminster Fuller’s Triton work predates most work in the field.

    Mining the ocean floor is hard. A seastead is not a necessary prerequisite for doing such mining. If it is economically feasible, people would already be doing it.

    Satellites are already launched into GEO from the equator. ArianeSpace does it from French Guinea, and SeaLaunch does it from a specialized launch platform. Both are commercially successful and do not require a seastead.

    OTEC is very expensive and it does not scale down to smaller scales. Some combination of Photovotaic, Wind, Wave, and Reverse Osmosis is probably cheaper.

    These forums are the place to have all of these discussions.

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