Self-publishing Business Workshop with Kate Baray (Dec. Social Two)

The next workshop for our Seasteading Novelist Program will help authors prepare to build a self-publishing business.

Kate will briefly discuss establishing a presence online as an author, a pre-flight checklist for marketing, and a few tips for launch. You’ll leave with a checklist to get you started!

Kate Baray, also writing as Cate Lawley and under a paranormal romance pen name, has published over 50 genre fiction titles. She’s a full-time indie fiction writer, currently living in Boise, Idaho.

Kate will help our Seasteading Novelists get started with these three tasks:

  1. Establishing an online presence: create an author bio and use it to populate the most frequented online reader locations (Amazon author page, Goodreads profile, Bookbub profile), create author-specific social media profiles (pick one to start with, FB/IG/TikTok etc), decide to utilize those as a short-term “home” or to immediately create a website.
  2. Pre-flight checklist for marketing: a) product page: cover, title, series title, blurb, pricing, reviews b) sample c) backmatter
  3. Launch tips: backend 1st (newsletter signup with bonus offer), full price push vs discount promo, expectations for ROI.

For more information about Kate, find her online at