Calling all aspiring novelists!

Do you have a vision for how life will be for people living on seasteads in the near or distant future?

Bring that vision to life in a novel!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of writers participate in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. This year, we’re asking authors to write their novels about seasteading.

Our President and Seavangelist, Joe Quirk, has published fiction and nonfiction. He has bestsellers in four categories: fiction, science, memoir, and marine engineering. He was the first writer in the 52-year history of The San Francisco’s Writer’s Workshop to score a major publishing deal. He has since worked on the manuscripts of several unpublished authors who went on to win literary awards, including Erika Mailman, Tamim Ansary, Kemble Scott, and Michael Chorost, sparking an author’s renaissance in San Francisco that has been unremarked on in the press. Most recently, Joe gave a workshop at The Gold Rush Writer’s Conference explaining how he transformed from a struggling writer to a professional author.

Joe has presented at the New Worlds Conference and the InterPlanetary Festival where he connected with scientists interested in building communities in space. These scientists had a deep library of sci-fi novels to inspire them.

Now we would like to create a library of seasteading novels to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Authors sign up now to participate in three online workshops hosted by Joe Quirk to help you develop your story and prepare for NaNoWriMo.

Sign up before September 26 and receive a copy of Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians by Joe Quirk and Patri Friedman.

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Online Workshop Schedule:

September 28, 12PM Pacific Standard Time Story Structure
October 12, 12PM Pacific Standard Time Building Tension
October 26, 12PM Pacific Standard Time  Putting Words on Paper

During the month of November, we’ll host online writing sprints and offer other support to help you complete your 50,000 word novel. We’ll be using some of the tools offered by the NaNoWriMo nonprofit, so sign up there, too!

In December, 3-5 participants who have written 50,000 words will be invited to participate in three online workshops to prepare your manuscript for publication.

Write your novel about seasteading. Inspire the world.