Seasteading Meetup Generates Exciting New Action

We occasionally receive feedback from people who want to know why The Seasteading Institute doesn’t simply attempt to build a seastead straight away. A fuller rationale behind our incremental approach to enable rather than build seasteads can be found on our strategy page, but the basic reasoning is that the audacity and complexity of our vision requires careful forethought, a foundation of high-quality, generalizable research, and a dedicated movement of seasteading enthusiasts. However, the most recent Bay Area Seasteading Meetup, held on Tuesday, December 20, reaffirmed that The Seasteading Insitute’s strategy is solidly action-based.

Particularly exciting was the formation of a brand new medical tourism work group, comprised of five members of the Bay Area seasteading community. The team will be working to create the first working “medstead,” providing medical service aboard a seastead in international waters. They will be using Uportal iFocus, the results-oriented task management system created by seasteading volunteer Roman Zhovtulya to delegate and complete tasks in a timely manner. Roman reminds those interested in collaborating on this project or any others to register for free to use the online system here.

Additionally, Mike Doty, who won the business model competition we held last year, presented on the state of the art in aquaculture, laying out the most practical fish farming ideas that are compatible with seasteading, and covering specific concerns relating to location, economics, pollution, optimal fish species and feed, as well as cage design and maintenance. Aquaculture represents one of the most promising possibilities for seasteading entrepreneurs in the short term, and Doty possesses a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Meetups will continue to be held on a roughly monthly basis, although we are still planning to begin rotating the location so more people from around the Bay Area can attend. Be sure to follow our newsletter, and or Facebook page for information about upcoming social events.

We also thank Roman for posting a video of the event on YouTube.

If you are interested in starting or attending a meetup in your area, contact us at and we’ll help you connect with other seasteading enthusiasts and schedule an event. A similar group already exists in New York City, and our supporters in Southern California and Florida have also expressed an interest in starting new ones.


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