Seasteading = Better Than Sustainable

Alan James play butto
My controversial interview with the Sustainable Communities Summit is now available.

Host Alan James allowed me to talk at length about the entrepreneurs who plan to show the world how to think beyond sustainability – and beyond politics itself.

I succeeded in blowing Alan’s mind. You’ll notice several times when I stop talking, he catches his breath for a moment, and then says, “Wow.”

He asked many questions important to an environmentalist:

“Why is seasteading important?”

“What are the advantages and disadvantages to seasteading?”

“How can seasteading reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?”

“How can seasteading solve the overfishing problem?”

“How could seasteading technologies replace fossil fuel?”

“Why French Polynesia?”

“How many people are typically in a seastead self-containing community?”

“What’s an example of existing seastead living?”

“What are the personality traits of individuals that seastead?”

“What does it cost to be part of a seastead community?”

“What do you think the future holds for our grandchildren?”

Share with your friends and see if we can persuade the world that freedom and healthy seas are not just compatible but require each other.

My favorite part was when Alan concluded, “I can’t wait to read your book.”

Joe Quirk