Seasteading: An Alternative To Democracy

From The Onion comes a Report: 60 Million People You’d Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy:


4 thoughts on “Seasteading: An Alternative To Democracy”

  1. This is where the world is heading… failed landbased states, and free mobile ones.  I’m glad I’m familiarizing myself with the latter, 21st-century solution.

  2. Democracy is best defined as the people participating in their own governance. Democracy includes direct democracy, in which the people decide for themselves the matters of state; and republican democracy, in which representatives are elected by the people to make decisions for them. Contrary to common belief, democracy isn’t really about the right to vote for a representative, although voting is the only way most of us will ever particidpate in our own governance in a strong centralized government.

  3. Only a few States have a navy that exists beyond it’s territorial waters (if any).  If we built a seastead in one of the navy-less countries, and consistently had it near another one, neither country could, or frankly probably would want to, do anything about our freedoms.  I know the solution isn’t ideal, but until we get enough people for our cause, and change the limiting treaties imposed by this gigantic non-governmental organization, this may be the best solution we have.

  4. Huh?  This logic is flawed.  If a seastead were in the waters of a country with no navy, then it simply means the navy-less countries would be unable to do anything about it when a (third) country that *does* have a blue water navy came to destroy the seastead.  See Minerva Reefs and New Atlantis.

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