Seasteader Certification Adventure March 31 to April 6

The first single-family affordable seastead is floating in international waters, and it’s time to start learning from the new Masters. Chad, Nadia and Rudy are eager to teach you the basic skills to seastead in their neighborhood, like sailing, diving, and tying knots.

“The workshop will include the PADI Open Water Diver and RYA day skipper – sail cruising certificates,” says Rudy. “In addition, the workshop will cover remaining skills, such as mooring systems, water and electricity management, and the practical experience of staying at the seastead for a day, which includes one dive to the bottom.”

What better place to “learn the ropes” than on the first seastead? Ocean Builders will welcome a team of 12 apprentices to join them March 31 to April 6 and return home Masters of Seastead Survival. For a week you’ll sleep on cots or hammocks, work together as you fish, snorkel, dive, learn about the new structure Coralcrete, and taste Nadia’s Thai cooking, including her sea crops. Provide your name and email and a licensed tour operator will contact you shortly.

I will ask Phil, the same guy that videoed key footage for THE FIRST SEASTEADERS documentary, to video the certification process, so please let me know if you’d prefer not to be videoed at .

Once completing your Seasteading Certification Adventure to Rudy’s satisfaction, The Seasteading Institute will be proud to present you with the first printing of 12 Certified Seasteader Certificates.

On land you need a driver’s license, identification card, and a means of paying your taxes. On free seas you’ll need to know how to sail, tie some knots, and create value voluntarily with others. Now is your chance.

Figure about $2600 for the whole thing, including room and board, but not counting flights. Ocean Builders is still working out the details. They plan to make no profit with this adventure, but only welcome their potential future neighbors.

At night under the stars, you’ll talk with Chad, Nadia, and Rudy about cryptocurrency, the subtleties of Thai culture, and the designs of future seasteads.

Freedom awaits. There’s no time to lose.

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