Sea-Ceding in Florida

Atlas Island Project

A new nation based on freedom and natural rights is currently being founded right in your backyard! If you are ready to stop arguing and start seasteading, join Atlas Island and be a part of sea-cession.

Atlas Island is a clear three stage plan which will lead to an affordable seasteading community in international waters within 10 years. This plan starts with building an online community of members from around the world which will help further refine the following stages. Next, members will move onto floating vessels in a marina in Florida. This marina will allow the community to develop while still being in sheltered waters and next to a metropolitan center (for resources and employment). Finally, once the community is established and self-sufficient, they will collectively move their vessels to a floating marina in international waters!

Ruled by natural law

This proposal differs from other seasteading projects in that it prioritizes the individuals rather than the technology or politics and is accessible to people of modest means. They are building a community of individuals who firmly believe that everyone is sovereign over their own life and who are utterly opposed to government coercion. With a dedicated group of like-minded individuals, they are confident that they will once again reclaim their liberty and natural rights. Their approach is based loosely on the Free State Project but instead of aiming to change state laws, the end goal is to sea-cede and move to the ocean. They believe that freedom is sacred and should never be contingent upon a vote!

Accessible to people of modest means

Atlas Island is technologically agnostic but, currently it envisions the early adopters moving in with well-established vessels (such as boats, catamarans, or traditional floating houses). Many of these can be purchased for much less than the price of an average home. This means that any committed individual, not just the wealthy, can opt to sell their home, buy a vessel, and join the movement! Further, because you own the vessel, the capital risk is minimal, and you are free to move your vessel anywhere else if you decide Atlas Island is not for you. Additionally, entrepreneurial individuals may opt to purchase multi-unit vessels and rent units to those who can’t afford their own.

If you are ready to stop arguing and start seasteading, take the first step towards sea-cession by joining Atlas Island at or chat on their Telegram Channel at