Scott Adams on Seasteading

Scott Adams writes:

 I’ve written about this before, but it’s interesting to see the technology coming together to make it feasible. The idea is that people will start living on barge-like boats and slowly motor or sail around the ocean to stay in the best weather.

He favors an incremental approach:

The reason I think the future will be barges instead of standard boats is that you can start small and add real estate as you can afford it. Just connect a new barge and presto. And you can dock to other barges to create temporary or permanent communities. If the barges are designed to be connected, according to some common standard, the entire city can move around to the best weather and fishing spots as needed.

Glad to see our ideas getting some traction out in the world.  One of the comments to the post includes our site’s URL, so if you have an account on the Dilbert site, please give it a thumbs-up so it moves higher in the comments.


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  1. now that would be interesting… taking Wayne’s idea about low cost seasteads and made them interlocking… we could build a robust, diverse community in a matter of a few short years.  Just a thought.

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