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Scenario 2

The hurricane during our first Role-playing Game Scenario left one seastead devastated and the other two recovering. Read all about it here. For Scenario 2, we have updated the rules, character skills, and how we track resources. We have a new role for people who want to be involved but don’t want to play a character: Scorekeeper. Scorekeepers will help the Game Master track all the character actions and record changes in resources for characters and seasteads. This is a great role for someone who wants to be the Game Master for a future Scenario. Character selection begins on September 6, 2021. To become a Scorekeeper, let us know in the #registration-for-game channel of our Discord.


  • The Constitutional Cruise

    A written Constitution enumerating rights and responsibilities of residents, corporations, and the seastead builder (similar to Freedom Haven).

    Operates on a retrofitted cruise ship that travels around the region.

    The Caribbean Sea

    -$11,865 (in debt), 0 resources, +86 food

  • The Crypto-Anarcho Citadel

    A Blockchain-based smart contract. Players must deposit tokens into an “insurance” fund for liability, use crypto smart-contracts for registering property, use blockchain for voting and Ulex for dispute resolution, etc.

    Individual, modular homes that can break apart and reform elsewhere to form a different community.

    600 miles off the coast of French Guiana.

    +$175, +69 resources, +25 food

  • The Co-Op

    Players pay a membership fee to access resources like food, lodging, clean water, etc. They can work on the seastead to earn credits to access more resources. A governing board will make decisions about how to grow food, generate energy, establish trade relations, etc. Board members are appointed by existing members and the Founder.

    One large platform that residents and corporations live on and share space with each other.

    100 miles off the coast of the State of Rio Grande Do Norte in Brazil, parallel with the Capital City of Natal.

    -$4,816 (in debt), +45 resources, +33 food


Players will get to choose what character they wish to play from a pool of available characters, based in the order of highest dice roll to the lowest. Founder characters will remain assigned to one of the three established seasteads. Non-founder characters will have to ask the Founder characters if they can join their seastead. Players from Scenario 1 will have the opportunity to change their character and create new characters using our Blank Character Sheet.
  • Veronica Marianne Yavin Founder of The Constitutional Cruise



    An administrator to the core. Incredible poker face. Control issues. Enjoys spending time alone reading when relaxing. Formed an LLC and recruited investors to purchase the cruise ship. Needs to lease out all the space in order to pay back her investors.

    Administrator, Sociologist, Linguist

  • Richter Ivan Bossa Founder of The Crypto-Anarchist Citadel



    Laissez-faire is a life mantra. Easily excitable. Loves karaoke and is in a band called “The Mariners” in reference to Waterworld. Made a fortune as an early Bitcoin adopter and founded a company to build single-family seastead homes.

    Musician/Blockchain Programmer/Extremely Light Administrator

  • Izabel Hashimoto Belluci Founder of The Co-Op



    Communitarian. Gritty. Daring. Willing to take risks to get what they want. Enjoys fashion and likes to make a statement with everything they do. Bold Fashion and Bold Personality. Venus Project enthusiast. Wants to create an environmentally sustainable, technology forward community. Comes from “Old Money” in Brazil and is fronting half of the endeavor with her own wealth, the other half from investors who are expecting a return on their investment soon.

    Administrator, Lawyer-Maritime Law, Photographer

  • Simon McKenna



    A bookish nerd. Likes to be helpful. Enjoys the sound of his own voice. Sometimes misses social cues.

    Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Horticulture

  • Feng Bai



    Very colorful. Eccentric. Talks a mile-a-minute. Knowledgeable about a variety of things.

    Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Toxicology

  • Janni Katz



    Calm, stoic type. Not one for small talk. Favorite color is purple. Enjoys old cinema.

    Doctor, EMT, Psychologist

  • Jake Bernardo Alupay Macasaet



    Excellent swimmer. Loves animals. Collects shot glasses. Has a strict diet and workout routine. Playful.

    Zoology, Marine Biologist, Diver

  • Hayashi Himeko



    Loves food and Americana culture. A Reverse Weeb. Likes to make friends with everyone. Always has an umbrella due to being a little sensitive to sunlight.

    Computer Systems, Encryption, Electronics

  • Hira-Shinu Divakar



    Work-a-holic. OCD. Has low-key anxiety. Knows a lot about a lot. Reliable. Friendly. Able to relax after one drink.

    Security, Surveillance, Tactics

We will begin playing “Scenario 2” on September 13th.


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Rules Of The Game (v2)

  1. Each character starts with 10 Monies.
  2. Players can either do 3 Minor Actions or 1 Major Action per round.
  3. Each Minor Action must be different from each other.
  4. Major Actions have larger successes or failures than Minor Actions.
    • Minor Actions can reap +2 rewards.
    • Major Actions can reap +5 rewards.
    • A failed Minor Action will result in no rewards.
    • A failed Major Action could have negative rewards.

    Example 1

    Say you wanted to spend an action to gather resources: as a Minor Action, you can potentially gather 2 resources. As a Major Action, you would potentially be able to gather 5 resources.

    Example 2

    You could spend one Minor Action to gather resources. You could spend one Minor Action gathering food. You can spend one Minor Action shoring up defenses. You could spend one Minor Action gathering intel on another seastead. You cannot however, spend three Minor Actions all gathering resources. Each Minor Action must be different.

Character Skills and Actions

The skills characters have can potentially add a “buff” or enhancement to their roll for specific tasks, leading to an increased chance of a success for each action.


Simon McKenna, one of the pre-made characters, is talented in Aquaponics, Aquaculture, and Horticulture, making him perfect for gathering food. Each of those skills would add a +2 to rolls, totaling in a +6 to any roll he makes regarding harvesting food. The same can be said of Hira-Shinu Divakar, another one of the pre-made characters. Being talented in Security, Surveillance, and Tactics, they are well suited for gathering intel, gaining them a +6 to rolls. However, a character like Founder Richter Ivan Bossa is a more eclectic individual and does not have any skills relevant to food gathering, so they would not have any buffs to food gathering but would get a buff for both intel and resource gathering as an Administrator. Which leads us to the next point:

Founder Characters get additional perks

  • Founders get a buff of +4 for each of their skills and related Action tasks.
  • As Administrators, Founder characters get a +4 to gathering resources and intel.
    • Their Minor Actions and Major Actions also reap larger rewards, as they have an entire seastead at their fingertips.
  • Founder Minor Actions can reap +4 rewards.
  • Founder Major Actions can reap +10 rewards.