Prototype Launch with Ben Silone of Arktide

a digital rendering of a one room structure floats on the water

Ben has built an impressive career in real estate, project management, and humanitarian efforts around the world. He will be speaking about Arktide’s innovative work developing ocean-based technologies, including their new Coquina House prototype. Read more about the Coquina House on the Arktide blog.

Check out the video of the prototype in Bay County, Florida.

The Coquina House is a floating home designed to have a minimal environmental impact. Built on a durable base, these modular, customizable units can provide sustainable housing, short-term rentals, or accommodations for resorts. Equipped for comfortable, eco-friendly living, the Coquina offers a unique opportunity to connect with the ocean.

Arktide is at the forefront of developing resilient and energy-efficient ocean technologies. Come hear Ben share Arktide’s mission of researching and creating solutions to make human interaction with the ocean more sustainable.

There will be time for Q&A with Ben after his talk. This event will be recorded.

Check out our previous conversation with Ben in the video here.