Patri on The Stossel Show with Ron Paul Thursday Night!

UPDATE: Patri’s segment starts at 2:45 in this video

Patri Friedman, the Seasteading Institute’s Executive Director, will be on The John Stossel show this Thursday, February 17. The show airs on the Fox Business Network at 9 PM and midnight ET (6 PM/9PM PT), and will re-run on Saturday at 9 PM and midnight ET (6PM/9PM PT). You can support the seasteading movement by tuning in and encouraging your friends and family to watch the show.

The show’s theme is “The Future.” Stossel will discuss what the future holds with Patri and Rep. Ron Paul. Naturally, Patri will speak about our movement to build floating cities in the ocean in order to create new forms of government. Rep. Paul will speak about his proposal to let citizens opt of state services in exchange for a 10% flat tax.

John Stossel is a libertarian commentator and author. He wrote the best selling books, Give Me A Break, and Myths Lies and Downright Stupidity. Visit the Stossel Show’s website for more information.


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