Off Grid Sustainable Tiny Homes, Eco Restorative and a Panoramic Ocean View!

Would you like to live in a tiny home where everywhere you looked all you could see is endless ocean?  Where every day you have full view of both the majesty of the sunrise and sunset?  Nothing is more beautiful, romantic, energizing and calming as the ocean. 

Seasteaders are a new breed of tiny home pioneers who are settling where there is no land cost and everything is better than sustainable, their homes are Eco restorative.

Seapod by Ocean Bulders - The moon and the night sky over in the bay

Meet the ECOPOD and SEAPOD.

The ECOPOD has 833 sq. ft. of living space and 360 degrees of windows mostly floor to ceiling in size.  The ceilings are 7, 8 and 9.5 feet high.  Its sleek design has a full and separate kitchen with seating.  There is additional seating on the deck, which of course has an endless view of the ocean. A full bath, master bedroom, and living room are included in the build which is spacious by tiny home standards.  An added feature is a good sized window in the living area floor, or the shower floor that is strong enough to stand on and gives you a view of the ocean below.

Edopod by Ocean Bulders - Open air deck, surrounded by ocean

With the SEAPOD you are closer to the shore, so you have easy access and views of both the land and sea.  The SEAPOD, slightly larger than the average Tiny Home also at 833 sq. ft. of living space, has a futuristic design that manages to provide more storage than living space.  Each SEAPOD comes with 1,250 sq. ft. of storage, 578 sq. ft. of windows, and over 307 gallons of built-in water storage.  

You can locate your SEAPOD or ECOPOD alone or part of a seasteading community.  Future spar models will be suitable for international waters. 


Both SEAPOD’s and ECOPOD’s are eco-restorative as the pylons used in their construction provide a rich and protected place for marine life to thrive.

Greenpod by Ocean Bulders -Futuristic homes surrounded by forrest

How about a land based pod high up in the trees in dense forest or jungle?

The GREENPOD, has 833 Sq. Ft. of living space, over 578 Sq Ft. of windows, 1,250 Sq. Ft. of storage and 1,400 liters of water storage. Its 35 Ft Long, 26.9 Feet Wide, and 23 Ft. Tall. 

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