New Faces Mean New Developments at TSI

Those who follow Patri’s blog may have noted mention of some new help at The Seasteading Institute. Indeed, in November, TSI succeeded in filling four open roles to further the seasteading mission, revolving around business development, donor and fundraising efforts, and community development. As a new face here, I (Naomi) would like to humbly introduce myself and the three others who now join us.

Gayle Karen Young believes in pushing frontiers and facilitating sustained change, and now brings all of her enthusiasm to bear on donor development work at the Seasteading Institute. Gayle’s thoughtful, empathetic, and systemic approach to professional and organizational development reflects her passion for helping people expand their awareness of their own choices and behaviors. Her speaking engagements and coordination efforts with non-profits and professional organizations focus on leadership development, strategic communications, building high performance teams, and personal and organizational transformation. She is particularly interested in global women’s issues and helping women be more effective in their leadership roles. Gayle has worked with and served on non-profit boards, including the Board of Trustees for Alliant International University and the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Organization Development Network. Her educational accomplishments include a BA Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, where she graduated magna cum laude with Honors, and a Masters in Organizational Psychology.


Alexis Bright comes to The Seasteading Institute with a passion and drive to improve the world by facilitating the recognition of greatness. Her academic background features an MA in psychology and a BA in history from UCLA. Says Alexis: I believe some truly great by-products of the adventure will come out of this Institute, including medical tourism, better long term ocean engineering designs, the re-recognition of the importance of decentralized government, and better understanding for creating thriving intentional communities. Alexis has been instrumental in the Seasteading Institute’s events in the past, serving as speaker liaison and event coordinator. Working closely with Gayle Young, she is now focused on donor research and development, event logistics, and developing interpretations of Seasteading that clearly demonstrate the idea’s value and attainability to a broad variety of people.


Max Marty, who is creating, examining, and researching seasteading-compatible business plans for The Seasteading Institute, has B.A.s in Philosophy and Global Political Economy from Muhlenberg College, and received his MBA from the University of Miami. Says Max: I’m interested in selection mechanisms, of all kinds. I believe Seasteading is one of the few good solutions to dealing with the problems raised by public choice theory. In my free time I read nonfiction, play video games, and contemplate my navel. I am looking to someday bring Seasteading and the bread-and-butter apolitical business types together, as I am fairly certain its the only way this concept is ever going to scale.


Naomi Most comes to Seasteading by way of Ephemerisle, which she immediately recognized as an inspiring step in community collaboration towards independence and self-sufficiency on the sea. Her enthusiasm for communication, team-building, and solving interesting technical problems coalesced into Apocaisle, the first theme camp on water. Naomi’s career began with computer programming, flowed naturally to film production and professional writing, and has settled into a nice stochastic model of business development, Linux system administration, professional communication, and hosting a science talk radio show. She frequently attends and volunteers audio/visual production work at science conferences throughout the year such as SciBarCamp Palo Alto and the UCSF Awesome Science convention. As TSI’s Development Manager, Naomi is focused on coordination and communication within the Seasteading community and beyond, creating and taking advantage of interesting opportunities to expand the community, coordinating social functions, managing press and media relations, and writing a heck of a lot of blog posts. By the way, did you know about TSI’s social networks page?

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