Miguel Lamas Pardo Presents Seasteading Dissertation at University Francisco Marroquin

On October 29, Miguel Lamas Pardo will be presenting his PhD dissertation, “Establishing Offshore Autonomous Communities: Current Choices and Their Proposed Evolution,” at the University Francisco Marroquin (UFM), a leading Central American educational institution located in Guatemala. UFM is known as a leading light promoting free thought and free societies. They have awarded Honorary Doctoral Degrees to distinguished proponents of liberty including Institute’s co-founder, Peter Thiel, and Nobel Prize winning economists Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, James Buchanan and Vernon Smith.

UFM places a heavy emphasis on public choice theory, a line of thought that influenced the intellectual foundation of seasteading and related enterprises. Miguel’s dissertation builds on this foundation and explores the practical possibilities for seasteading. The piece was translated into English last year, and can be downloaded on our engineering research page.


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  1. Guatemala is a Central American country. It’s not South American. Please, correct the information. Thank you.

    [Thanks, Daphne! I’ve changed it to correct my geographic illiteracy — oops! -C. Deist]

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