Maritime Executive Reports on the Seasteading Conference 2012

Reverberations from the Seasteading Conference 2012 are already making a clear impact. The Maritime Executive, a leading industry magazine, recently published a story on the event and coming “Blue-Tech Revolution,” led by groups like The Seasteading Institute. We think this signals the beginning of a new era for the seasteading movement, characterized by stronger partnerships with existing maritime companies, and greater recognition of the potential for seasteads to create entirely new ocean-based businesses and opportunities.

The article states, “Much to the surprise of the media in attendance (which ranged from Reuters to Mother Jones) the focus of the conference was not politics or ideology. Rather, it was on what Maritime Alliance representative William Riedy referred to as the “blue-tech revolution”—the technologies, discoveries, and partnerships that could soon unlock the oceans’ vast potential.”

With financial and other support from our community, we will continue our outreach with publications like the Maritime Executive, and bolster our connections to the people and firms with the knowledge to provide a foundation of existing maritime technologies for future seasteading applications.




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