Launch Phase with Connor Firmender

A lot has changed since our podcast interview with Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders. In this interview with Connor Firmender, the Director of Business Development for Ocean Builders, we talk about the growing pains startups go through and preparing for the next phase of Ocean Builders.

Connor went to school for marine biology but learned science wasn’t the path for him. Instead he pivoted to help create the entrepreneurship program at his college. His alma mater now has an accelerator program that he helped build. Connor loves the opportunity to create something new and solve problems.

He says that working for Ocean Builders is the most fulfilling experience of his life. He gets to wear his entrepreneur hat by helping develop projects in the Ocean Builders Incubator and his marine explorer hat by sailing and scuba diving to scope out potential locations for Pods.

There’s a whole ecosystem of technology services and products to support offshore style of living to be developed. There are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities in the ocean tech space.

Launch event August 22

Connor is helping to plan the Ocean Builders global event to launch the EcoPod and SeaPod models, which will be in the water for the event on August 22. They will release the pricing, offer rentals, and payment plans to purchase EcoPods and SeaPods.  Watch the August 22 Launch Event here.

Ocean Builders is entering a new stage in the life cycle of a startup. They’re moving from a point of R&D to selling a product to customers. They’re transitioning from 3D renders to photographs of real life footage.

Read a transcript of this interview here.