Las Vegas: Resort -> City


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas: Resort -> City”

    • The Las Vegas analogy is very good. As far as I know it was built in the middle of the desert, essentially creating great value and a highly successful society out of a very inhospitable area, much like the idea of seasteading.
    • A city with less regulation is likely to be a lot nicer, in fact. Because that will force you to consider your fellow men and women rather than some anonymous regulation.
  1. If anyone is interested in having drugs be part of the attraction of a tourist seastead, just remember Manuel Noriega. You may think you are in international waters and US jurisdiction does not apply. However, the US does not think their “war on drugs” has to stop at a 200 mile limit. When boats with big guns show up and say you are in trouble because someone brought some drugs from your seastead into California, you will really be in trouble. Panama’s sovereignty was more secure than any seastead’s sovereignty will be for a long time. Noriega got locked up for drugs.

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