Join the cast of a new seasteading reality TV show

Seasteading Reality TV Show

Talented seasteaders have a unique opportunity to be part of a TV show that has the potential to spread the ideals of seasteading to a wide audience.

Several reality show and documentary producers have solicited The Seasteading Institute over the years and we kept saying no until we found one that shared our values. The Plimsoll team are fans of the Seasteading book and have asked for our help to find committed and talented individuals to represent aquapreneurship on TV.

They are looking specifically for characters with huge, larger than life personalities. Passionate, bold ocean adventure seekers, with big egos and strong opinions on solving the future of humanity!

To Apply to join the cast, send an email to casting at
Your email must include:

  • Why taking part in an unscripted, epoch-defining adventure series would mean so much to you,
  • name,
  • age,
  • phone number, and a
  • photo

Don’t delay! The preliminary cast list will be chosen before March 2020, so apply now.