New Florida Meetup Group

Welcome to Florida Sign

Seasteaders in Florida are invited to join the new Florida Seasteading Meetup group.

We’re launching the group with two events:

February 20, Fort Myers, at 3 Pepper Burrito Company on Daniels Parkway.

Join Carly Jackson, Development Director of The Seasteading Institute, for a meal and conversation about potential projects in Florida that could provide clean energy, healthy fish, and clean water by building seasteads– floating homes on the water.

Say you’re with The Seasteading Institute when you order your meal at 3 Pepper Burrito, and the restaurant will donate 20% to TSI!

February 27, Orlando, at Market on Magnolia

Come meet Carly Jackson, Development Director, for The Seasteading Institute for a casual meal and conversation about the latest developments in the seasteading movement. Share your ideas for how Florida coasts could benefit from aquaculture to clean up the excess nutrients that cause red algae, create jobs, grow food, produce energy, and offer protection from storms.

When you purchase your meal mention your group’s name and follow the restaurant’s instructions to receive 15% of your meal’s price donated back to The Seasteading Institute.

We need 20 people to RSVP before February 24, or the event will be cancelled.

We hope seasteaders in Florida continue to meet and grow a network of people actively working to support projects locally. If you are interested in organizing future meetups, please email .