Joe Quirk on Seasteading at Burning Man

Have you heard Joe Quirk, co-author of the upcoming seasteading book, talk about what drives progress? If not, this short video from last year’s Burning Man will give you a taste of the proactive social, political and environmental agenda we’re spearheading under the banner of startup ‘seastead’ communities. The incredible outburst of applause at the end demonstrates that our vision of competitive governance is no longer just for political theorists and libertarian wonks – it is finding brand new support among a much wider audience of independent thinkers.

With a knack for making complex topics more relatable, Quirk asks his audience to imagine if governments had to compete for citizens living in mobile homes on a desert, a la Burning Man. After the parallel to mobile, modular ocean communities clicks, he goes on to highlight actual entrepreneurs from our community seeking to turn the tide on climate change with innovative aquaculture and renewable energy ventures. This message is part of our broader strategy to tie seasteading to existing traditions of civil society, and show how progress on key issues can be accomplished apart from increasingly bitter and divisive political battles. If you’re ready to stop arguing and start advancing humanity through peaceful cooperation and technological innovation, please share this video with your political friends and foes alike.


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