The Grandma Standard with Atlantis Sea Colony

Founder of Atlantis Sea Colony Brendon Traxler has loved the idea of underwater habitats since watching a Jacques Cousteau documentary as a child. While most underwater projects have been developed to support the space race, Brendon envisions much broader use for underwater habitats.

Brendon first heard about seasteading from his dad a few years ago. He joined the seasteading community at a time when The Seasteading Institute was working to integrate new project leaders into a worldwide community that can support each other.

In this episode, Carly and Brendon talk about the particular challenges for humans living underwater – primarily the psychological challenge of being in a small, enclosed area; lack of sunlight; and the ability to get in and out of the habitat freely. He describes his plan for launching a prototype by the end of the year and how he’s finding partners to help design and finance his project.

Brendon describes what we are now calling the “Grandmother standard” for seasteads. If your grandmother cannot come visit, then it’s not ready for public distribution. The biggest challenge is making a habitat accessible without requiring people to pressurize– which can be accomplished by keeping the habitat pressurized to one atmosphere.

Read the transcript of this episode here.

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