Erwin Strauss – How to Start Your Own Country

Erwin Strauss’s presentation at the 2009 Seasteading Conference is now available online:

“Seasteading is about establishing something above board, highly visible, to inspire other people to help it grow.”

Erwin Strauss, author of How to Start Your Own Country, has made a study of the various ways and methods people have used to establish (or attempt to establish) their own soveriegn territory. He begins his talk describing the Montevideo Convention, which formally codified the concept of international soveriegnty at its inception in 1933, and describes the different strategies that have been attempted to achieve statehood on the water in light of it.

Covering a wide cross-section of practical concerns, Strauss envisions several plausible routes for seasteading statehood, and advises that seasteading “get a toehold” (so to speak!) as soon as possible — emphasizing strong business planning and consistent incremental efforts — to set up a long established history of sovereignty and political and financial relationships.

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