Engineering Q&A Webcast: About to happen

View the live webcast, it is about to start. We will be saving the recording, and creating a transcript as well.

UPDATE: You can view the archive of the webcast here

Here is the YayBoo, if you want to add and vote questions. It’s probably too late for this time, but we can always do this again.


7 thoughts on “Engineering Q&A Webcast: About to happen”

  1. Thank you for letting us see the meeting. I have viewed some of the archived webcasts. The quality of sound and video really makes it difficult to understand who is saying what. I suppose it is because the quality of the recording is bad. English is not my native language which makes it more difficult to guess the pieces I cannot hear. 

    Maybe next time you can increase sound and picture quality. If only one quality can be recorded and broadcast it will make a live participation more dificult because it will require more bandwith. But I guess the ability to see it live is not that important since the community is not really participating in the meeting. A high quality download would therefore seem to be more useful.

  2. We barely got the meeting webcast off.  The frame rate was poor and the microphone was on the camcorder 15 feet away from the people.  Apparently, there is a magical library that is available for Windows, that will improve the frame rate. (We used an Apple laptop for this webcast.) For the microphone, we need to buy one and put it in front of the people.  Lastly, when I was moving the camcorder from our office space to the conference room I accidenally put the camera into demo mode.  I did not catch this until almost an hour into the broadcast.  I’d grade this attempt as a “D” and we’ll try harder next time.

    Dominique has  a list of the questions and said that he would compose short answers to them all and mail them back to us.  We’ll post those answers when we ge them.

  3.  Ditch the computer gadgetry and just record the thing with a HD camcorder. Distribute with BitTorrent in various qualities (as well as flash web video of course). I can do the encoding and distribution part unless anyone with faster upload (I´ve got 800kbit/sec) or physically closer (I´m in Sweden) is interested.

  4. We use Justin.TV to webcast my robotics club meetings with good success.  Here’s an example (http://www.justintv/hackertv .) The real issue is that we did not have a dedicated camera person who was listening to the soundtrack with headphones.

    I have no object to doing both a webcast and camcorder.  Do you have any recomendations for an HD camcorder?  We can easily just mail flash disk through the mails.

  5. While live streaming is a nice idea for transparency and fun, I wonder if more people end up viewing the files after the fact.  So I tend to agree with Carl: get an HD video camera and put the resulting files on some kind of Internet file share like bittorrent.  Fry’s sells probably decent Canon HD recorders for a few hundred dollars.

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