Engineering Parallels Between Ephemerisle & Seasteading

There are a wide variety of opinions in the seasteading community about whether Ephemerisle is a plausible path to full seasteading. Here’s my pre-event pitch of why Ephemerisle is useful. Post-event, I have an additional thought.

Our Ephemerisle structure and setup basically worked as plan, with a few exceptions. One is that it took longer than we expected, and was not completed by the noon Friday starting time (although everything did come together for Saturday evening). Besides that, the biggest technical issue had to do with anchoring (ie location control).

Ephemerisle Saturday morning,
platform moved to the shore,
houseboats not yet moved

1 thought on “Engineering Parallels Between Ephemerisle & Seasteading”

  1. Normal gravity anchors will never work on a massive scale. That is why vertical anchoring is the only real option.  Look to the oil industry for these types of things.  While they may be killing the environment, the economy, and good sense they know how to anchor a large floating structure in the deep ocean with excellent location control.

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