Documentary on micronations, featuring seasteading, premiering 9/11 at Toronto Film Festival

Jody Shapiro’s new documentary “How To Start Your Own Country” features Patri Friedman in a centerpiece interview. Set to premiere September 11 at the Toronto Film Festival, it focuses on micro-nations, principalities, and freedom movements across the world and uses comedy to raise serious questions about what it means to be a country, a topic that will only become more relevant as the seasteading movements gains momentum.

The official description from the TIFF Website reads:

Jody Shapiro’s ultra-sharp documentary How to Start Your Own Country examines micro-nations – tiny states seldom recognized by better-known, more conventionally established countries. Traversing the globe, Shapiro introduces us to several states you’ve almost certainly never heard of.

Somewhere in Nevada is the Republic of Molossia. Its land mass is 1.3 acres, it’s population six (basically the president and his pets). There’s also the Principality of Seborga, established in 820 AD as a reward for returning Crusaders; North Dumpling Island, founded by Segway inventor Dean Kamen; the Seasteading Institute, an experiment in offshore living; the New Free State of Caroline, a territory-less entity created by artist Gregory Green; Sealand, an abandoned World War II gun tower in the North Sea; and the Hutt River Principality, the second largest country on the continent of Australia.

Official trailer:


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