Conference Talks – Joe, Randy and Vice President Rohfritsch

The First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering was a huge success! Our speaker series featured experts on the cutting edge of everything seasteaders care about— environmentalism, blue technology, aquaculture, and political innovation.

If you weren’t able to join us in person or catch the livestream on May 15, 16 & 18, we’ll be releasing the talks over the next few weeks.

Head over to our youtube channel to check out our opening and closing addresses:

Teva Rohfritsch Vice-President of French Polynesia Opening Address
“`Why build an additional island in French Polynesia? Why?’” Well, we answer: `And why not?’  The respect of the environment will be ensured, the country’s budget is preserved, and we have the opportunity, thanks to this project, to build a vision of the technologies of the future.”
Randy Hencken CEO of Blue Frontiers, Managing Director of The Seasteading Institute Who Are We and Why Are We Here?
“We’re passionate about peace. We’re passionate about liberty. We’re passionate about technology. We’re passionate about the environment. We’re passionate about trying something new on the Blue Frontier…Time and time again, we’ve been told that the Polynesians are the original seasteaders… It’s our commitment to the Polynesian people that our islands are elegant, that they compliment their surroundings. We want to live in something that’s beautiful.”
Joe Quirk Seasteading Institute Author and Seavangelist Why We LOVE French Polynesia
“French Polynesia is happily situated in the center of the Blue Frontier. Because it’s blessed with every kind of natural wave breaker – lagoons, atolls, and the deepest depths – it’s in an excellent position to lead the world in the technologies for adapting to sea level change, and in creating the innovative societies for the future. French Polynesia controls an area of ocean the size of Western Europe. Talk about a New World!”