Call For Volunteers!

Like many non-profits, we have ambitious goals and limited resources, and volunteer assistance is crucial for making up the difference.  Seasteading attracts some amazingly talented people, and I hope that a few of you have the free time to lend us a hand.  I’ve posted our current set of requests, and am reproducing the list below.  Each job title links to its description on the volunteer page.

  • Community
    • General
      • Conference Coordinator(s) – Help us make our first annual conference fun and inspiring!
      • Membership Coordinator – Design and operate our membership program.
      • Marketing Associate –  Help us craft a sticky message and simplify our vision to its bare essentials.
      • Burners – Help publicize Seasteading at Burning Man!
    • Website
      • Site Associate – Help us run the website!
      • Drupal Programmer – We have many small projects available for those with Drupal/PHP experience.
      • GIS Programmer – We would like to add more interactive geodata to the website.
      • Perl/Python programmer – Write a script to convert the Book Beta from a single XHTML file into a file for each section.
      • Visual Inspiration Associate – Find good pictures (and quotes).
      • Site Publicity Associate – Help us with SEO / Blog publicity.
      • Design Associates – We have a number of 2D and 3D graphic design projects.
      • Converting beta version of book to PDF format suitable for printing – DanB
  • Research
    • Research Associate – Help us kick off the research program by finding/hiring a full-time Chief Scientist.
    • Scientific Advisory Board Coordinator – Help us create the SAB.
  • Engineering (none at this time)
  • Administrative (none at this time)

By the way, we are expecting some significant traffic this week, so apologies in advance if the site is slower than usual.


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