“We are the Blue Frontier,” says spokesman for French Polynesia Government

Interview French Polynesian Government spokesman

“We have solutions to bring the world.”

Spokesman for the French Polynesian government articulates his extraordinary vision for Floating Islands in an unedited spontaneous interview


Mere days after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with The Seasteading Institute on behalf of President Fritch, government spokesman and Minister of Housing, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, arrived home to express his global vision for a floating innovation hub on TNTV in Tahiti.

And its extraordinary.

A reporter demanded to know:

In concrete terms, what will a floating city bring to our country?

Why French Polynesia?

What do you say to the skeptics who complain that other projects have failed?

What will happen over the next year?

Mr. Bouissou is a champion of eco-cities and the French Polynesia Statute of Autonomy. Speaking on behalf of “Polynesian youth who want to get involved in these research fields,” he declared: 

“Polynesia is the haven where all things are possible. It is the Blue Frontier in the Great Pacific. It is also a country which had shown that its population wishes to forge ahead.”

When asked about challenges by the skeptics, he replied:

“Dreams belong to those who want to move forward and make them happen. Many could not imagine us walking on the moon, others that we can travel to Mars, and still others cannot imagine that tomorrow we will be able to find solutions to the problems facing Island communities by building ocean platforms.”

Watch the whole thing. No seasteader ever said it so beautifully.