Bloomberg TV Features Floating City Project

Bloomberg Television anchor Pimm Fox interviewed Patri Friedman, Chairman of The Seasteading Institute, and Randolph Hencken, the Executive Director, and asked about “a technology and business convergence that would permit [seasteads] to actually be built.””_blank” target=”_blank”> Check out the interview “Are Floating Cities the Wave of the Future?”

Patri and Randy provided cost and size estimates, timelines, economic theory, and both avowed a desire to live on a seastead.

Pimm Fox is the host of an in-depth investment program, “Taking Stock,” and one of the enjoyable aspects of this interview is that Pimm is keen to inform his viewers about the Floating City Project as a novel business proposition. As the Floating City Project becomes a topic of conversation among investors, we hope creative ideas and capital will be brought to bear on what may be the first floating city with substantial political independence.

Pimm Fox asked incisive questions and allowed us to explain why seasteading is common sense. Please forward this interview to your friends.

Joe Quirk Communications Director at The Seasteading Institute


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