Basesteading Update: Wiki, location DRP

The basesteading/outpost project that I blogged about earlier now has a wiki page. Also, they have started a Distributed Research Project to research potential locations, here on the forums. Belize is currently the top contender, but Lasse has suggested Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as an alternative as they have less waves to deal with.


2 thoughts on “Basesteading Update: Wiki, location DRP”

  1. I think anyone talking about “wave issues” doesn’t understand the idea of a seastead outpost. We’re NOT in the ocean, it’s on land. Once a seastead is made it can float to where-ever.

    For the record, Belize doesn’t have much waves. The country is loaded with lagoons and sports a fantasticly huge coral reef and series of atolls that serve as breakwaters. We’ve got plenty of space to float in “sheltered waters” down there.

    Live Well!


  2. Jason, these lagoons and atolls you mention, do they contain any international waters? The reason I suggested the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea is that they are both big enough to have international waters in them.

    Yes, a seastead, once it is built, can sail to whereever. But during this journey it has to be able to endure the waves. And if you’re going to move it to a sea on the other side of the world, why not just build it there in the first place?

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