Baltic Seasteading

Do you live in one of the 9 countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea? Check out the new Baltic Seasteading group. Their website states:

Probably the greatest challenge of living at sea is dealing with waves, and the Baltic Sea has some of the lowest waves in the world while still big enough to contain international waters. This makes it a great place for seasteaders to start out and experiment with new structures and a new way of living.

Baltic Seasteading is a group for people interested in working actively with seasteading in its current state. At this point it means to pioneer the lifestyle itself. If you can’t see yourself living without a 7-Eleven on the corner or a bed that is completely stable, Baltic Seasteading is not the group for you yet.

But if you’re excited about helping grow a movement from the beginning and can imagine yourself living on the water in a few years, go sign up for the mailing list and check out our first meeting September 19th in Copenhagen. We welcome people from all countries with a real interest in living anywhere in the Baltic Sea.

I look forward to seeing what they accomplish, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a group like this produces the seed that grows into the first seastead city. There is unfortunately a conflict between the best environment for networking, meeting donors, partners, and future seasteaders, and doing engineering research (places like the SF Bay area w/ a high density of smart, interesting, wealthy people), and the best environment for moving seasteading incrementally forward and learning about its challenges firsthand (out on the frontier). TSI is currently focused on the former, as we see ourselves as still in an early movement-building and research stage which would be greatly hampered by trying to operate in a frontier environment. But the latter is extremely important too, and I think our best chance of success will come from combining the two, with one or more small communities of intrepid pioneers supported by a broad movement back on terra firma. As time goes on, and the infrastructure of the communities improves, more and more people (and businesses, and organizations) can take the leap.


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