Qualifying Entry for the Architectural Design Contest

Submitted by JW Bruns (Liberstead Publishing, LLC)

This plan illustrates a city of 1000 residents in its seventh year.

Phase 1 – Four 160×160 foot concrete caissons start the city. Three of them have 44 condo-apartments sold as luxury residences with investment and resale value.The sales pay for the creation of the city. A central building contains eating, administration and medical facilities.Rooftop farms, integral solar power, and generous public spaces. Emphasis on safety and security.

Phase 2 – With the city core in place, the city grows by innovating a building method while at-sea. These units are smaller, based on 60×60 foot platforms. Substantially lighter materials mean the units can be lifted for maintenance. Onsite construction (at sea) lowers the per-unit cost.The Liberstead Plan is a realistic and cost-effective plan for a floating city that might be located in a bay, like the Gulf of Fonseca, or on the open ocean in an equatorial environment. Safety and stability are assured even with Category-5 winds and 30 foot waves.

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