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TSI August 2009 Newsletter

TSI August 2009 Newsletter

### Table of Contents

* August Highlights
* TSI Gets 501(c)3 Status From the IRS
* Conference Updates
* Ephemerisle Updates

* Awareness & Community
* Membership Program
* Events
* Media
* Book

* Fundraising & Administrative
* Fundraising Drive for New Projects

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### August Highlights

**TSI Gets 501(c)3 Status From the IRS**

After many months of waitin

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Conference & Ephemerisle Updates

The [first Ephemerisle Newsletter]( can be found over at [the Ephemerisle blog](, and here’s our first conference update:

### Deadlines Approaching

The deadline for [early registration for the conference]( is September 13th, at which point rates will increase.

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More seasteading efforts: Rhode Island

> Dan Gladstone, 19, and Zachary Weindel, 26, have built a raft, and a dream — they hope to have a self-sufficient boat, a community and a way of life.

> It’s called seasteading. Think homesteading. Now imagine it on the ocean.

> “It’s freedom,” Gladstone says.

> It’s bold, idealistic and, perhaps, quixotic. It’s living off the land while living on the sea. It is, Gladstone and Weindel say, a life without leases and rents, mortgages and taxes, electric bills and grocery-store visits.

> “We like to think of it as an open biodome system,” Weindel says.

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Baltic Seasteading

Do you live in one of the 9 countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea? Check out the new [Baltic Seasteading]( group. Their website states:

> Probably the greatest challenge of living at sea is dealing with waves, and the Baltic Sea has some of the lowest waves in the world while still big enough to contain international waters. This makes it a great place for seasteaders to start out and experiment with new structures and a new way of living.

> Baltic Seasteading is a group for people interested in working actively with seasteading in its current state.

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TSI Receives 501c3 Tax-Exempt Status

The Seasteading Institute is pleased to announce that it has received its Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service, stating that we are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Among the many benefits this allows, donations to us are tax-deductible (including past ones).

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Trip Report: USNS Mercy (US military hospital ship)


I was fortunate enough to get to tour the [USNS Mercy]( in San Diego last week, which I’m interested in because of our [medical services on cruise ships]( business venture.

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