Why Are You Seasteading?

Why seastead? Joe Quirk, co-author of the forthcoming seasteading book, has more than a couple of reasons. Joe was one of dozens who attended The Seasteading Conference 2012 in San Francisco, which brought together dedicated adventure seekers and entrepreneurs looking to transform the ocean into the next frontier for humanity. Every great change throughout history has begun with a group of individuals who dreamt up a desire, and then acted to make their vision a reality. The number of reasons behind the desire to seastead are as numerous as the number of people in our community. Why are you seasteading?


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  1. Would it not be more expedient to “… peacefully test new ideas for government. …” in models (ala Second Life and others)? Modeling of complex systems/worlds has become very advanced. Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone – ModelEarth.Org .

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