Vote to Float

Elections in the U.S. are a winner-take-all, majority rules, losers have no say kind of game. With the U.S. Presidential election heating up, we’re hearing a lot about how important it is for Americans to choose between two options. In 2016, about 34% of registered voters chose not to vote. Maybe none of the options met their needs.

This year, we are asking you to vote for a system that would allow people to choose a government the way we choose beverages. We don’t have to choose between Coke and Pepsi. We can choose both or neither. We can choose La Croix, Bud Light, San Pellegrino, Kool-Aid, or tap water.

To make this future a reality, support The Seasteading Institute. We support entrepreneurs working to build seastead homes. We work with governments to create Special Economic Zones and other concessions to allow a seasteading industry to flourish.

Let’s end one-size-fits-all government. Let’s build the next phase of human civilization.[button type=”rd_3d_bt” t_color=”#d3c6aa” b_color=”#5c7499″ url=”” target=”yes” position=”ta_center”]Donate Now[/button]


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