Unleashing Prosperity with Michael Strong

Michael Strong is the author of The Habit of Thought and Be the Solution (paid links), the founder of The Academy of Thought and Industry, a co-founder of Conscious Capitalism and a former board member of The Seasteading Institute.

Strong believes in entrepreneurial solutions to world problems. The biggest problem is inept, incompetent, dysfunctional government. It’s the least innovative industry in the entire world and the result of that is mass poverty. Most businesses are volatile, especially rapidly growing businesses. To succeed, businesses must be able to hire and fire people to respond to that volatility. Regulations, like permits and employment restrictions slow down an entrepreneur’s ability to respond to demand. The legal system must allow for volatility, because that allows entrepreneurs to create wealth.

If we have fewer choices in government, then the future is grim. If we have thousands of choices, we will innovate in governance and grow in prosperity rapidly.

Shenzhen as a successful Special Economic Zone. We have to remember these are long term projects. Shenzhen was declared a failure in 1986, but shortly after that investors came to develop. Hundreds of millions of people have escaped poverty in special economic zones.

There is a startup culture in every nation. Small niches of startup entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of the internet to create opportunity and wealth in Russia and Guatemala. These entrepreneurs do not have the freedom to create jobs in their home countries because of the laws in those countries. Seasteads have to potential to create new jobs, free from the obsolete laws of land nations. New jurisdictions will be one of the leading industries in the 21st century.

Once people realize seasteading is a path to prosperity, we’ll see a boom.

Michael Strong

In this discussion, Strong refers to Hans Rosling, co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation and his TED talk on “How not to be ignorant about the world.”

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