TSI Welcomes its New Director of Engineering, George Petrie

TSI is pleased to welcome its new Director of Engineering, George Petrie. George’s ongoing presence will enable TSI to increase its engineering output, making this partnership a critical milestone toward realizing the seasteading vision.

The fabric of George’s professional background is woven from many different threads, but all share a common bond; his passion for ships, boats, and ocean platforms. In addition to serving as a Professor of Naval Architecture at Webb Institute for more than 25 years, he has maintained an active consulting practice offering expertise in vessel motions, loads, structural analysis and design. He has been an engineering consultant for clients in the offshore industry for nearly 35 years, and has a long-standing relationship as the naval architect for a company building yachts in Asia.

Having lived and worked near the water for most of his life, he has long yearned to live and work on the water… not restricted by the confinement that exists in a live-aboard boat, but as part of a community. Seasteading is therefore much more than an interesting engineering challenge; it is a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream. The Seasteading Institute shares George’s enthusiasm, and we’re very excited to move forward on engineering research in ways we’ve never been able to.

During a recent sabbatical from Webb, George has been living in mainland China for much of the past year. The wonders of telecommuting have allowed him and his new bride plan to split their time between New York and Hong Kong.

George’s research is generously sponsored as part of Jim von Ehr’s $100,000 grant. TSI was pleased to award Alexia Aubault of Marine Innovation and Technology the advertised referral bonus of $1,000 for introducing us to George.


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