TSI is hiring: Director of Engineering, Project Manager

We’re excited to announce that we’re hiring for two key positions:

Director of Engineering – Unfortunately, Wayne Gramlich, our co-founder and original Director of Engineering, has been unable to devote the time to TSI to continue in this role, so we’re looking elsewhere to fill his shoes. This person will provide vision and management for all of TSI’s technology initiatives, such as seastead designs and prototypes, and have some involvement with hands-on execution. This is a paid, full-time position on TSI’s Executive Staff, reporting to the Executive Director.

Event Project Manager – In-the-trenches project management work for our upcoming Annual Conference and Ephemerisle events. This is a paid, half-time position from now through mid-October.

The Event Project Manager role is relatively time-critical, since those events are happening at the end of September, so we are looking to hire quickly.

The Director of Engineering role is also important, but we are going to take the time to make sure we find the right person. We need someone who’s not only brilliant, but has the relevant expertise and is passionate about what we’re doing. If you know of any potential candidates, please let them know about this position!


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