TSI Engineering Strategy Survey Results

We’ve completed our analysis of the responses to our community strategy survey, originally posted here. Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond!

Based on the feedback from the poll and our own analysis, we’re going to immediately commence planning for the following projects:

  • A ship-based ocean venture, incorporating one or more of the business offerings covered in the survey, and launched with additional outside funding.
  • Single-family seastead construction, focusing initially on community-driven development via TSI-sponsored grants and/or contests.
  • Deep-ocean breakwater research, for its potential to drastically reduce the cost structure of large-scale seasteading.

Expect to see more developments on these initiatives announced in the near future, including more details about a SFS grant program in the next few weeks!

The survey results also illustrate something we already know: there are many different perspectives about the best way to advance the seasteading movement. Not everyone will agree that these paths are the best ones, or the ones most suited to their personal goals. Fortunately, our movement is large enough to foster multiple groups pursuing multiple paths, such as the promising Seasteading Outpost: Belize project that we’ve blogged about before, to name just one. And as always, TSI looks forward to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you, our community, about which of our strategies are working well, and where we need to change course.

Details about the survey results, including raw data and graphs, are available in this forum thread.


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