THE FIRST SEASTEADERS 8: “Today is D-Day for The Thai Navy”

What did Chad and Nadia do wrong? In Episode 8, rogue admirals in the Royal Thai Navy submit a long list of alleged crimes to the media, while Chad and Nadia sail for their lives, yet remain firm in their seasteading vision amidst violent trolls, specious media coverage, and home searches and interrogations of Nadia’s family.

This time last year, Chad and Nadia were fleeing on a sailboat, with little fuel and low water, as rogue admirals in the Royal Thai navy submitted a long list of crimes to local and international media. In this episode, we confront these claims one by one.

Level-headed members of the Thai government have refused to press any charges, because Chad and Nadia are innocent of all charges, as the video below demonstrates. Yet Chad and Nadia still cannot return to Thailand.

An official exoneration for Chad and Nadia would allow Nadia to return to her family and Ocean Builders to bring the seasteading industry to the Andaman sea. The underwater floating restaurant and SeaBnB, featuring a new coral reef, would bolster the local tourist economy.

While they wait for permission to return, Ocean Builders are 3D printing Seapods in Linton Bay Marina, Panama. They are working with the Panama government to build a community of 30 to 40 floating SeaPods. They have invited experts and engineers to help develop the technology needed for floating structures.

(Directed by Joe Quirk)


To avoid collisions at sea, buy your AIS at Ray Marine.

Reserve your own seastead at Ocean Builders.

Read The Phuket News interview with Chad while he was fleeing on a sailboat.

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