Sorry for the downtime!

As some of you noticed, the site was down over the weekend due to a scheduled upgrade at our hosting provider. Our apologies for not warning you about this in advance. All better now.

Website Downtime

Last Thursday, our hosting provider had some problems which resulted in being down for some time–more than half a day. But not to worry–we’re back and none the worse for wear. We didn’t need to go to backups, so none of your discussions should be lost.

As always, we want to know about any problems. Please report any issues to !

Migrated to new host!

We just moved to a new website host, which should be faster and more reliable. Our previous (Dreamhost) was slow and often had serious problems under higher than normal load, and so this has been in the works for awhile. We had been planning to migrate in a few days, but when the site started crapping out again today, our volunteer sysadmin Ben went ahead and made the move this afternoon. We hope all of you will find the website experience to be improved.

TSI Website Team Manager

From James:

The TSI website is a cornerstone of our strategy to grow the seasteading movement over the next several years. It is one of our primary ways of communicating our message to people unfamiliar with seasteading, and it serves as a community hub for enthusiasts active in the seasteading movement. There’s a lot of software development and maintenance involved in making it the most effective community-building tool possible.

We’re looking for a volunteer to manage our website development team.

Website issues – February 2nd

Unfortunately, our hosting provider (Dreamhost) seems to not work well with high-traffic Drupal sites. The site has been down on and off all day, due to traffic from the CNET piece this morning. Our heroic sysadmin Ben disabled logins so that the site could be served from a cache, which helped. You may have problems logging in, and posting comments or threads in the forum.

TSI Website development volunteers needed!

Our volunteer website development team needs more help!

Developers: We’ve got a lot of great community-building features we’d like to build — forum upgrades, UI improvements, photo feeds, digg-style ratings for blog and forum posts, donation functionality, and lots more. The bottleneck right now is programmer time. Drupal or PHP experience are a huge plus, but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn is all that’s required!